As the first rays of the sun melts the African night away, you can find yourself on an open-topped game viewing vehicle tracking, down the beauties of the bushveld.  During these game drives, we will not only use our knowledge and bush craft to ensure your entertainment, but we will do our best to paint memories of an Africa that will never fade away. 

Your evening drive will be interrupted by sundowners and a sunset out of a Hemingway novel. Whilst  enjoying the fresh air of the bushveld and the environment, you will be able to spot numerous game species which will  include Impala, Zebra, Kudu, Warthog, Wildebeest, Hartebeest  and many more. 

With a bit of luck, you might just come across a leopard or brown Hyena!



Bird watching is a very popular hobby and what better place to do so than the African bushveld. In the midst of the bushveld which in the summer months can be quite dense, finding and identifying different bird species can be quite a challenge.

On the banks of one of the waterholes, you will witness the nesting activities of the numerous species home to Kudus Rus.


If you would like to experience to art of shooting without harming any animal, clay pigeon shooting will be just for you!  Clay Pigeon shooting is very popular amongst many visitors of Kudus Rus - young and old!

This activity, were your accuracy are tested with a shotgun when trying to hit the clay disc as it is shot into the air is not only for an individual but an excellent activity for a group as a team building exercise!

Surprise yourself and see how well you could shoot!




Walking in the bushveld is a totally different experience and feeling than driving through it! Starting off, you might still feel sleepy, but swiftly your mind will wake. This is not only an opportunity to get up and close with the wild life, but the whole eco system.

There are no other noises but the noises of the wildlife, and you. Tracks in the sand will confirm the passing by of animals and the direction they followed. As soon as your sight is set, you will become aware of the slightest movement and your ears aware of every sound.

Please be sure to bring comfortable walking boots and a good sun hat.



Other activities includes Table Tennis, Volley Ball and Darts.